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Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati
Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati

Puerto Rico Application

Puerto Rico Application 2019

  • Join Give Back Beyond Cincinnati as we travel to Puerto Rico to provide disaster relief through All Hands Volunteers. This trip is scheduled for *June 9 - 16, 2019 with the possibility of adding a second trip June 16-23, 2019.

    During the trip, we’ll provide disaster relief and rebuild neighborhoods devastated by Hurrican Maria. Hurricane Maria’s ferocious, 155-mph winds plowed through the island of Puerto Rico, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It is the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico. The island was without power for months.

    During the trip, we’ll be working on rebuilding, construction, painting and cleaning the island. The team will be spending 5 days doing volunteer work and then spend the evenings relaxing, socializing and immersing ourselves in local culture.

    The cost of the trip is $950, plus flight. Included will be*:

    1. Transportation once in Puerto Rico
    2. Accommodations (hostel/bunk beds)
    3. All Meals
    4. *Details are subject to change

      A deposit of $150 is due by April 20th and is non-refundable. The Trip Lead(s) will contact you regarding your deposit close to the date. If you are unable to make this date and do not make alternative plans with the Trip Lead, you will be dropped from the trip.

      Please note:Currently, the partnering organization may only be able to accommodate a group size of up to 10 people. This is still being discussed, however, we are planning for a worst-case scenario. After the original group fills up -- preference will be given to those that have already volunteered at a GBBC fundraising event this year, but all interested should apply, as there may be additional spots available -- all additional applicants will be added to a waiting list. If there are "drops" from the original group, substitutes will be selected from the waiting list. Additionally, if there is enough demand, we may organize a second group of 10 people to work during the following week of June 16th! Stay tuned!</p?

      By signing up, you are committing to your ability to fund the full amount of the trip and have time off work (as needed). Also, that you will be available to help volunteer for group fundraising opportunities.

      As GBBC is a non-profit/volunteer run organization, we encourage everyone to participate in the trip planning and preparation to make it the most successful one to date! By filling out this application, you acknowledge that you are:

      1. Interested and available on the dates listed above
      2. Able to pay the cost of the trip
      3. Physically able to handle hard labor and work every day
      4. Willing and able to take on an active role in planning and fundraising for the trip
      5. Participate in group fundraising
      6. Be FLEXIBLE! Details could change as we gather additional information or as the needs of the partnering organization changes
      7. ……And have a great time on one of the most enjoyable weeks you will experience this year!

    5. Examples could include connections to people or businesses you know in Puerto Rico, possibly you work for a company that would like to be a sponsor for this years trip, or you have a specific social evening event you would like to see planned during the week.