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New Orleans


In 2014 we will be travelling to continue New Orleans’ rebuilding from July 5-13th

Application is now open

If you have already filled out an application, and want to put in your deposit, please click the “Donate” button below. It is best if you use a paypal account or credit card in your name for tracking purposes. Please put your name in the comment field.

Massive need still exists in New Orleans, help us finish the job…
THE FOUNDING – Katrina Collaboration

In late 2005 hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast creating devastation that most never thought we would witness so close to home.  In the aftermath of the storm, there was tremendous personal loss and a general awe and overwhelming impression due to the extent of the devastation. In response, Cincinnati YP’s formed the Katrina Collaboration (

Local groups led by Give Back Cincinnati, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the United Way formed a 3-tiered response:

FUNDRAISING (cash equity), through various YP Fundraisers, we contributed monies raised to organizations for immediate relief needs.

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS (knowledge equity), training of emergency response personnel that can utilize their training for local or other disasters.

SERVICE (sweat equity). a hands on response, putting volunteers on the ground to rebuild in the Upper Ninth ward of New Orleans. During the first week of August, the collaboration culminated as 46 local volunteers headed to the big easy to get dirty and help rebuild one of our nation’s great cities.

At the founding of Katrina Collaboration, the leaders envisioned a single-year trip.  After the first year, it was apparent that the need extended far beyond one year.  Give Back Cincinnati has absorbed the SERVICE piece of the response into its Give Back Beyond program and will continue supporting the trip as long as there is need to be filled and interest from our community to serve.


Crossroads Baptist Project was a plan to build 30 homes in the Upper Ninth Ward, pre Katrina.  When the storm hit, the leaders saw that as a sign that they should magnify their commitment by tenfold and build 300 homes over 5 years.

Harry Connick Jr. and Bradford Marsalis joined the cause, creating Musician’s village as the centerpiece of the project.  Their goal is to bring the musicians who are a crucial part of the city’s culture back to the city through providing housing and a performance center in the heart of the upper ninth ward. GBB has worked in the upper ninth ward on musician’s village and will continue to build in the expanded project in the 15 block area that will contain the 300 newly built Habitat homes.


Give Back Beyond Leadership committed to a minimum of 5 years of service travel to the gulf region and is now entering its seventh year.  As the program has continued, it has grown from 46 people in 2006, to 76 in 2011. Stories of the work, the need, the fun, and maybe a couple stories from Bourbon, Magazine, and Frenchman Street keep the volunteers coming back with more friends every year…. We are in for the long-haul, while national media may have forgotten the disaster and need, once we have traveled there and seen the affect you cannot forget and only want to continue serving.  WARNING – GBB Trips can be Habit Forming!