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The cornerstone of what we do are our service travel trips,this year we are trying out two international locations and two domestic locations. Late fall to Nepal, early fall to Appalachia, and the Summer to sweet home away from home, New Orleans…

We “recruit” for trips in the spring but will accept some rolling applicants for the Summer and Fall trips beyond the spring recruitment timing.

2014 Trips Ramping Up Now – Join us as we travel around the world

In 2014, we will be traveling to Nepal, New Orleans, and Appalachia(extended weekend) to build homes and hope for those in need. Appalachia application is coming soon but if you are interested in joining us for New Orleans or Nepal please complete an application.

Ready to go?  Apply Here:




and yes…even you trip veterans need to complete a trip application…thank you.

If you can not join us on our trips, but would like to support our program, you can do so in several ways:

1)  Financially – help raise funds for housing, education, health, and economic development initiatives by attending our fundraisers, participating in our Kroger Card Program (info to the left), helping us find sponsors, or by simply making a donation.

2)  Awareness – help raise awareness of international need with your friends and family and encourage them to get engaged with our program

and more ways to support the efforts of GBBC are on the way….