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Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati
Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati

Our History

The Beginning

Give Back Beyond Cincinnati established in 2005 when Give Back Cincinnati members decided to launch a trip to Catamayo Ecuador in order to bring service travel to Cincinnati young professionals.  With the success of this founding service trip of 12 participants Give Back Beyond Cincinnati became a permanent program of our parent organization.  

That same year the 3rd most intense hurricane the United States has ever seen make landfall, Hurricane Katrina, devastated the gulf coast with the most damage seen in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In the aftermath of the storm there was tremendous loss accompanied by an overwhelming urge to help. The Katrina Collaboration was formed between the American Red Cross, Give Back Beyond Cincinnati, and Habitat for Humanity to make a one time trip in 2006 to rebuild New Orleans.  Although the Katrina Collaboration no longer exists, Give Back Beyond Cincinnati has continued to rebuild New Orleans every year and we are now celebrating 10 years of service travel to New Orleans.

Since Then

Since the initial trips to Ecuador and New Orleans Give Back Beyond Cincinnati has continued to grow our footprint around the world. We have now held over 22 service trips in 5 continents with over 850 volunteers.  Over these trips our volunteers have dedicated over 750,000 hours and approximately $440,000 to build homes and spread hope for those in need in our country and in our world!

Domestic Service Trips

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International Service Trips

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