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Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati
Welcome to Give Back Beyond Cincinnati

About Us

Our Organization

Give Back Beyond Cincinnati is a program of the largest young professional volunteer organization in Cincinnati,  Give Back Cincinnati. Where overall Give Back Cincinnati focuses on improving the greater Cincinnati, the Give Back Beyond Cincinnati program takes the giving mindset to locations around the world.  Our 100% volunteer team plans and carriers out several service trips around the world every year. Service travel offers a a unique opportunity for volunteers to see the world, create lasting bonds, and positively impact the life of people in need.

Our Mission

Give Back Beyond Cincinnati harnesses Cincinnati young professionals to build hope for those in need in our country and the world.  Through the service trips we positively impact individuals while broadening our horizons and further deepening the commitment to serve.  On these service travel trips we will work hard and play hard to ensure we make a difference in the following areas:

  1. Infrastructure - Housing construction with Habitat for Humanity and other partners.
  2. Human Capital - Health and education development through partnership for clean drinking water and strengthening schools in the developing world.
  3. ´╗┐Development - Supporting sustainable economic activity.

Additional Information

For additional details about our history, the trip structure, or the current Give Back Beyond Cincinnati team please use the following links:

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